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You work over a lifetime and accumulate property and possessions that make up your estate, with significant monetary and/or emotional value. If your want to determine how your estate will be divided and to whom your assets will be distributed, you must create a legal estate plan. If you do not, your possessions will pass through the court system and be distributed according to state laws.


Upon the death of a loved one, disputes among family member can arise unexpectedly. Experience tells us that it is best to attempt to resolve these conflicts prior to litigation.


We have a great deal of experience drafting wills and helping people create comprehensive estate planes. A properly planned estate includes an expression of who is to receive your property and when each distribution should be made. You can name who will administer your estate and provide protection for your minor children. Your estate plan can help you heirs avoid probate, and can include charitable gifts. We are experienced in creating meaningful estate plans that include a variety of instruments, as mention below:-


  1. Drafting a Will
  2. Establishing a Trust
  3. Creating Health Care Proxies/Directives
  4. Drafting Power of Attorneys
  5. Guardianship