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Our “Real Estate Practice Group” offers a full spectrum of Real Estate litigation services.


We apply our cumulative knowledge and resources to deliver results in litigating all type of Real Estate Transactions. Many years of our experience and domain knowledge and expertise honed by our Real Estate Practice Group we provide a comprehensive and cost effective representation needed to maximize the value of the Real Property Assets by successfully litigating dispute involving Real Property.


Each client’s case is carefully analyzed to develop and refine the most effective litigation strategy. To achieve the highest and best results for the client, we are always prepared for trial, but along the way to trial we are watchful for settlement if it is in our client’s best interest. The attorneys at our “Real Estate Practice Group” understand that adverse litigation can be expensive and time-consuming process, that way our litigation system and business structure allows us to offer the highest quality service at a fraction of the cost charged by the major law firms.


We assist Real Estate owners, Landlords, Tenant, Developers, Housing Societies, and Financial Institutions for Litigation matters.


Our offering includes all type of litigation such as:-


  1. Landlord and Tenant Litigation
  2. Property Damage
  3. Ownership Dispute
  4. Probate Litigation
  5. Sale and Purchase Litigation
  6. Adverse/Illegal Possession
  7. Title Defects
  8. Land Acquisition by Government Authorities
  9. Enhancement of Compensation on account of Land Acquisition
  10. Foreclosure defense and Enforcement
  11. Recovery or Retainment of Down Payment and other funds in failed transactions
  12. Breach of Contract
  13. Forged Documents
  14. Fraudulent conveyance
  15. Eviction Proceedings
  16. Tress Passing
  17. Sub-leasing
  18. Rights of way
  19. Construction Contracts
  20. Property Tax Assessments
  21. Property Tax Appeal