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Real Estate Transactions require careful planning to create appropriate documents, including purchase and sale agreements, closing contracts and other documents to draft and review. If documents are not properly drafted than it may result into disaster leading to complex situations.


The real estate attorneys at our “Real Estate Practice Group” are very competent and specialist to draft and reviews contracts and agreements for any type of real estate matter that you may be involved in.


Here is a list of some of the many kinds of contract and agreements we can help you with:


  1. Rental/Lease Agreements Between Landlords and Tenants
  2. Quit Claims Deeds
  3. Warranty Deeds
  4. Commercial Lease Agreements
  5. Option to Purchase Agreements
  6. Sale Agreements
  7. Land Contracts
  8. Rules and Regulations for Residential and Commercial Properties
  9. Notice to Exercise Purchase Options
  10. Rent Increase Notices
  11. Lease Violation Notice
  12. Permission to Sublet Agreements
  13. Rights of Survivorship Agreements
  14. Joint Ownership Agreements
  15. Counter Offers
  16. Mutual Release from Purchase Contracts
  17. Rescission of Contracts
  18. Revocation of Counter Offer
  19. Leave and License