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For complicated disputes, our experience increasingly demonstrates that Alternative Dispute Resolutions can achieve an equitable resolution faster, more cost effectively, and with greater confidentiality and control.


It is an alternative to filing a loss books. Using ADR to resolve legal problems is favored by clients and courts at all levels because it is often faster, less expensive and less stressful than litigation.


Alternate Dispute Resolution matters include:-


  1. Mediation
  2. Arbitration


We encourage our client to elect mediation and arbitration as dispute resolution tools when ever applicable. Our professional negotiators with high level of negotiation skills, coupled with actual or threatened litigation, have been successful tremendously in resolving most complicated disputes.


Our offering includes all type of disputes such as:-


  1. Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  2. Ownership dispute
  3. Property Tax Disputes
  4. Purchase and Sales Disputes
  5. Property Owner Disputes
  6. Sales Commission Disputes
  7. Boundary Disputes
  8. Real Estate Financing Disputes
  9. Construction Defects
  10. Over Charging by Landlord
  11. Co-owner Disputes
  12. Possession Disputes
  13. Non-payment Dispute
  14. Neighbor Dispute
  15. Housing Societies Dispute
  16. Rent and Maintenance Disputes
  17. Alteration Disputes
  18. Mortgage Disputes
  19. Brokerage Commissions