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Our “Real Estate Practice Group” is here to advice and represents you in all aspects of probating wills and the Estate Administration of both intestate and testate estates


When the death of a loved one occurs, we offer compassionate assistance in administering the estate. Whether the estate involves a last will and testament, living trust, or no written documents at all, the estates’ assets will need to be gathered, creditor’s claims addressed, and bequests distributed. Whether you are dealing with a straightforward or complex estate, we can assist you in completing the probate process or trust administration.


Contested estates arise from a variety of circumstances. We offer confident representation to assert or defend your claims, with our goal always to help reduce hostility, be efficient and effective, and preserve the bulk of the estate.


Our attorney is experienced in assisting executors and administrators, heirs, and beneficiaries through the probate process and representing them if there is question of undue influence or other bases for contestation of the estate. We specializes in a number of probate and estate administration areas including:-


  1. Probate of Wills
  2. Collection of Assets and Payment of Debts
  3. Will contests
  4. Trust contests
  5. Probate Fraud
  6. Guardianship and Abuse
  7. Administration of Testate Estates
  8. Administration of Intestate Estates
  9. Petitions for Letters Testamentary
  10. Petition for Letters of Administration
  11. Objections to executors
  12. Objections to Administrators
  13. Caveats