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If you are a tenant, disputes over your home/commercial space can be very stressful. If you are a landlord, problems with tenants are time consuming and costly. Neither tenants nor landlord are always well versed in rental law. It is important to have advice of a attorney who knows the law and has experience resolving problems relating to its enforcement.


Our “Real Estate Practice Group” provides a full range of services, assisting the clients in navigating the complexities of landlord tenant laws. Starting from when a client first considers the purchase of a new property, through taking title and on through the day-to-day management of that building, the firm strives first to prevent litigation, but when it happens, to pursue it aggressively to meet clients’ goal through favorable settlement, facilitated eviction, and aggressive litigation technique, both in the preparation and the conduct of trial and appeals.


We assist the landlord and tenants in preserving their rights as landlords and tenants.


Following are the common problems/disputes that arise between landlord and tenant:-


  1. Eviction defense or Enforcement
  2. Return or Retention of security deposit dispute
  3. Rent increase dispute
  4. Illegal tenancy
  5. Building repair dispute
  6. Building code violation
  7. Non-payment of rent and maintenance charges
  8. Illegal sub-tendency
  9. Over charging by landlord
  10. Rent arrears collection
  11. Illegal possession
  12. Breaking or enforcing a lease