Rights & Duties of Landlord

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Rights & Duties of Landlord


Landlord's Responsibilities:


  1. Maintain and repair the premises to comply with housing codes and regulations.
  2. Maintain structural components of the dwelling (roofs, floors, walls, fireplaces).
  3. Provide adequate locks and keys.
  4. Maintain electrical, plumbing, heating, and other appliances in good working order.
  5. Keep the premises in reasonably weather-tight condition.
  6. Control infestations by insects, rodents, and other pests before the tenant moves in. The landlord must continue to control infestations except in a house or when the problem was caused by the tenant.
  7. Keep common areas such as lobbies, stairways and halls reasonably clean and free from hazards.
  8. Make repairs to keep the unit in the same condition as when the tenant moved in, except for normal wear and tear. However, the landlord is not responsible for the cost of correcting problems which are caused by the tenant.
  9. The landlord/owner must return the tenant's security deposit within 21 days of regaining possession of the unit. If he/she has withheld part of the deposit, an itemized statement must be made available to the tenant


Landlord Rights


The landlord has the right to expect the tenant to follow the rules of the rental agreement.


General rights of landlords include:


  1. to receive rent on time.
  2. to have the unit or house kept clean
  3. to have tenants respect the rights of neighbors.
  4. to make the tenant to repair or pay for the repairs for any damage or loss caused consequent to the acts of the tenant.
  5. to limit the number of people living in the unit.
  6. to sell the building.