Duties & Responsibilities of Lawyer

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Duties & Responsibilities of Lawyer


While entering into a Real Estate transaction, the most crucial factor for your success is how competent a lawyer you hire. A good lawyer would be well-versed in the legal mechanisms of property laws and after gathering information from you, can confidently tell you what facts are in your favour and what can work against you. He/she should be able to select relevant information on which to be better able to hone in on the background facts of your case.


Being in the profession of law, all lawyers are subject to strict standards of professional responsibility. These standards are universally accepted and set forth in codes of privileges, ethics, rules of professional conduct that are established by Bar Associations.


The duties and responsibilities of a legal professional stem from the ethical and professional rules lawyers must follow. These are:


  1. Your lawyer is duty bound to represent you ethically, zealously and within bounds of the law.
  2. He/she must have a point of view on your case, implement his/her knowledge of the law applicable to your case and must competently analyze legal issues.
  3. Your lawyer must present alternatives as to what you can do, and be open to discussion of possible consequences of each option. He/ she should be able to give practical legal advice that you will find valuable.
  4. He/she is obligated to be in constant communication with you to update you on the latest developments pertaining to the case.
  5. As your lawyer he/she owes you duty of loyalty. His/her allegiance should be totally to you as representation of both parties will result in conflicting legal interest.
  6. During the time that he/she continues to represent you, your lawyer should follow your directions in handling your case provided they are legally sound.
  7. Except in rare circumstances, your lawyer is required to maintain confidentiality of what transpires between the two of you.
  8. When you talk to a lawyer/attorney about a legal matter, you must keep in mind that all your communications with that attorney are privileged. So unless you give permission, your attorney can't disclose any information you provide to a third party. There can be very few exceptional situations that will allow otherwise.
  9. As a client, you should be aware of what your lawyer might expect from you. Prudence lies in making your expectations reasonable and doing the following:


  1. Be honest with your lawyer.
  2. Be cooperative with and responsive to your lawyer; follow through on whatever you have been asked to do by him/her.
  3. Be available to your lawyer when your presence is needed and attend legal proceedings as requested.
  4. Pay your legal fees on time.