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Buying from a Real estate Agent in India


Buying a property often proves to be a strenuous experience for the buyer. The process of searching for the correct plot, getting it registered, to know when and how much to pay can be trying for the buyer. Buying a house can be an investment of a lifetime and is an extremely important decision because of the costs involved. This means that buyers would want to look at many houses before they decide to buy one.


Since the days of the unorganized and unprofessional small-time real estate broker have made way for educated, tech-savvy brokers organized brokers/ marketing agents/ marketing consultants armed with a team, a huge database and listings, Real Estate Agents are increasingly playing a distinct role in shaping the future of property transactions in India.


Also, property transactions over the years have become very specialized and complex and call for specialized knowledge of property laws and market operations.


As a buyer seeking assistance/advice with the kind of property you are looking to buy and the right time to buy or sell, they can help buyers find just the right kind of place that they would like to call their home or office. The pros and cons of any property are best known to them and they will ensure that legal formalities are completed.


Real Estate Agents normally work independently or for Real Estate brokers and are paid commission on each transaction they help seal. They work from their offices or from home but they literally thrive on personal contacts. They reach out to prospective buyers or sellers by advertising and word-of-mouth promotion.


The benefits of buying from a Real Estate Agent derive from the fact that they:


  1. Can advice on a great investment opportunity at a time when property tends to appreciate in value.
  2. Can lead you to a host of options to choose from when you want to buy.
  3. Can help you decide where you should buy as they know each locality and its future potential.
  4. Can help you with filling up of forms and guide you through the process of getting your property registered.
  5. Can suggest finance options when you are in need of money to invest in your property.
  6. Can give valuable advice on the laws of the property and help make your deal legal and valid.
  7. Can ensure that your property is valid and worth your time and money