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Buying from Govt. agency


Transfer of Urban Evacuee Property by Auction


  1. Department Concerned

Revenue Department


  1. Scope of Service

Transfer of Urban Evacuee Property by Auction.


  1. Step by Step Procedure By Auction
  1. The notice of proclamation carries the Description of Property to be Sold, Location, Boundaries, Time, Place of Auction, Terms and Conditions of the Sale.
  2. "Mushtri Munadi" will also be done in that area. Patwari halqa will make an entry in his Roznamcha.
  3. The Highest Bidder at Public Auction shall be required to pay 1/4th share on the Spot.
  4. Within 15 days from the Approval by the Sales Commission, remaining amount is deposited and conveyance deed is issued.


  1. On the Basis of Possession
  1. On the Basis of Possession, the Government announces policy from time to time.
  2. Applications are invited from the unauthorised occupants by a fixed date.
  3. A Date is Fixed as a cut off date from where the Unauthorised Possession is to be counted. This possession should be continuous.
  4. The price of the land is fixed by a committee appointed by the Government
  5. Limits of the area to be allotted is fixed category wise by the Government in the policy.


  1. Check List of Documents
  1. Notice of proclamation
  2. Copy of Details of Auction
  3. Copy of Jamabandi
  4. Copy of presence with Signatures of Respectable on the Spot.
  5. Copy of Rapat Roznamcha
  6. Other documents prescribed by the Government from time to time.


  1. Verification Procedure

From Original Record with the Patwari


  1. Addresses of Concerned Officers

Concerned Tehsildar (Mahal)


  1. Sanctioning Authority

SDM-cum-Sales Commissioner


  1. Grievance Redressal System

DC-cum-Chief Sales Commissioner


  1. Common Mistakes to Avoid
  1. At the Place of Auction, the Terms and Conditions must be explained in Details
  2. At least 15 days notice is must for Auction to take place through the Newspaper